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Children’s Dentistry and Prevention

Children’s Dentistry and Prevention

We understand that children can be apprehensive about visiting the dentist and ideally your child’s first dental visit will happen at a time when they are not experiencing pain, therefore allowing them to think of a visit to the dentist  as a positive, interesting experience.

If your child does require treatment, we offer nitrous oxide sedation as a means to help our younger patients feel less anxious, more cooperative and help complete treatment that may only otherwise be possible under general anaesthetic in a hospital setting.

Our preventive programme begins with diet and hygiene advice. It may also be necessary to provide fissure sealants or apply fluoride to the teeth to reduce the chances of experiencing decay.

We also try to prevent the need for orthodontic treatment by providing space maintainers where teeth have been lost and advice about ceasing habits which cause orthodontic problems.

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