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Root Canals

Root canal treatment

Rootcanal treatment can be necessary if decay or a cavity has been allowed to extend into the pulp chamber causing inflammation or pulpal death, or if the tooth has died as a result of trauma in injury.

Once the central pulp has begun to die, it is no longer protected by the immune system because it has no blood supply. This can result in a future infection causing either an abscess, toothache or both, along with tooth discolouration.

Traditional root canal treatment

This treatment involves the removal of the nerve and pulp from the centre of the tooth.

Surgical root canal treatment

This is used where a traditional approach is not possible due to the presence of a post in the root or previous failed treatment. It involves accessing the root tip through the gum, cleaning any infection and placing a filling in the root of the tooth. It is also called apicectomy.

Clinical Cases

Root Canal Clinical Case
Root Canal and Crowns Clinical Case
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